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The Cheese Cake Hill Series

At Formocha we are launching the “Cheesecake Hill Series”. This series features our “Cheesecake Hills” made from cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and parmesan cheese. It’s basically a drinkable cheesecake with four flavours: Oreo, Sesame, Peanut, and Molasses. It is smooth creamy buy surprisingly easy to drink! The drink on the bottom isn’t something to look pass too. The drink on the bottom is called “Molasses Pearl Milk”, it is Formocha’s take on the predecessors of bubble tea. This drink is the traditional Taiwanese drink that inspired the modern milk tea with tapioca combination. The drink is made by cooking tapioca slowly in molasses and adding it to milk. It has a smooth velvety texture with a rich molasses taste. There is 4 layers to the Cheesecake Hill Series: 1) The topping: The topping is what decides the flavor of the cheesecake. 2) The Cheesecake Hill: Made with 3 cheeses. Drinkable Cheese Cake 3) Molasses Milk: Smooth velvety texture with rich molasses taste. 1) Molasses Pearls(Tapioca): The traditional way of preparing tapioca. There are 3 steps to enjoying this drink: 1) Try the Cheesecake Hill by itself with the mini spoon provided. 2) Try the Molasses Pearl milk by itself. 3) Mix to enjoy the rest of the drink!

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